Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jacksonville Senior Expo

This year I organized a booth for my company at the 13th annual City of Jacksonville Senior Expo. It kicked off today and will conclude tomorrow. I apparently very much under estimated the appeal of the "freebie". We were practically under attack all morning by people taking handfuls of our pens, jar lid openers, nail files, etc. Some of the seniors tried to walk off with the mugs holding our free pens and other supplies. Some other seniors tried to pick up and make off with our giveaway baskets. More than a handful berated us for not giving away parts of our display. I think a few of the attendees would have taken our clothes right off our body if given the chance... It was rather amusing..

I'm happy to report that with a strong multi person defensive line, we luckily at the end of day 1 still had all our permenant display items in our possession. I hope to report the same such luck after the end of tomorrow.
I'm still deciding what to make for the Sew, Mama Sew giveaway... It's been a busy week with the expo and my parents visiting from Tennessee. We're also on day 5 of a particularly nasty "nor'easter" as they're calling it on the news. Torrential rain and winds up to 50mph have made my week a little rougher. Here's hoping for clearer weather and crafty inspiration!

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  1. Glad you survived the hordes of greedy seniors. Sometimes the "freebies" are just too tempting, I guess. Young people are often greedy too so I don't think it's just a senior thing! Your booth looked really nice. Maybe next time you and your co-workers might consider holding the freebies and handing them out one per person. It would take a little more effort but your stash might last a little longer!

    Your blog banner looks SO cute. Perhaps you should start a service helping other bloggers fix up their sites. Me, for example, would be a prime candidate for a little creative assistance!

    Be sure you keep us posted on your latest/greatest creations. What are you working on now? Will be checking back to see...later :)