Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear little blog.....

I've not forgotten you!

We had a great (but horribly hot!) time in Orlando. Since I've been back I've been super busy at work and have been coming home too tired to craft, sew, or anything that I really like to do!

After a week of eating all kinds of goodness from some of my favorite restraunts (Pei Wei, Texas De Brazil, the list goes on....) and feeling like a sweaty pig walking around Disney I decided I needed to recommit to weight watchers so next year if we visit Orlando I can eat less at my favorite restraunts and walk around hot Disney like a sweaty smaller pig. hehe

I went for my first real meeting last Wednesday and weighed in at the highest I've ever been.



But today was my weigh in after a week of being on plan and I lost.....

11 pounds!

Not so bad if I say so myself. I know this is a bigger loss than I will probably ever see again (unless I lose a body part in some terrible accident, hehe) but I'm glad for such a sucessful start that will motivate me to make it through the next week. I've tried online WW before, but this will be my first time doing the meetings. Hopefully it will be easier to follow when I have to go let others see my weight!

My father in law will be visiting us from Tennessee this weekend and that usually means touring the good restraunts in Jacksonville, but not this time. We'll hopefully be doing most meals at home so I can be accountable and stay on track.

On to crafting......

My next projects are

1. making a wallet/sleeve/cover thing for my weight watchers weigh in book. It's a little paper thing that I'm supposed to use all year. I need to make a cute thing to help protect it so it holds up.

2. Making some new totes to carry my lunch to work in. It's gotta be more fun to take it when you're packing a cute bag, right?

3. I think it's time for a new purse. Now which fabric to use...


  1. Awesome Jennifer! Keep it up! I gotta keep myself motivated to!!

  2. GO YOU!!! I would love to lose even 11 pounds!!!

    I'm from Jacksonville...born and raised...mind telling which restraunts you think are the best??? LOL I guess when you grow up somewhere everything is kinda ho-hum! LOL


  3. Congrats on the amazing weight loss. You are doing great. Keep us posted on the latest projects. :)