Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Project!

Hanging Star Tutorial

Gather supplies:
-Metal Star
-Glue ( I used clear tacky gel, but I bet regular white glue would have been fine)
-Scissors or Rotary Cutter and Self Healing Mat
-Various Scrapbook Paper or Fabrics

This is the star I found on sale at Joann's. The project turns out better if you get a star on clearance. (OK not really, but it makes you feel a bit better about the money you spend on crafting!) My star had already been painted a pale yellow and then distressed. If I were a more industrious person I would have sanded it down to be totally smooth... I however was tired and just worked with what I had and it turned out just fine.

1. I removed the hanging wire to make it easier to manipulate and get my paper on smoother.

2. To make a pattern for your sides, take a sheet of paper and make an imprint of a corner, but keep in mind to cover all segments you will have to make paper or fabric sections with your pattern flipped on each side, as each segment is not the same directionally!

3. Next I cut out my paper pattern and transferred it to a piece of cardboard just so it would hold up for several tracings and cuttings.

4. Use your scissors or rotary cutter to cut out the paper/fabric sections. You can stack multiple pieces to cut at once, but remember that the pieces go different directions, alternating around the star.

5. Once you have all 10 sections cut out, arrange them how you would like them to lay on your star.

6. I found the best way to attach my paper with full coverage was to apply the glue to the star itself and them rub it all over one section at a time. Alternatively you can do the same to the back of the paper or fabric sections. Place the paper around all the sections, trying to avoid any gaps if you don't want your star to show through. Rub out any bubbles that form.

7. All done with the first round of gluing! Congrats! Admire your star!

If you like the look of this, you're all done! If you're like me and have been looking for an excuse to decoupage something, allow your star to dry completely from this first round of gluing.

Check back tomorrow for the second half of my star project tutorial! (Cause I'm waiting for my star to dry before I can continue!)


  1. Didn't know you had started doing tutorials---you didn't tell me :( This is a neat project. Next time I come across a clearance priced star, I will buy it and decorate it using your directions. Great job!

  2. so adorable...thanks for posting!

  3. Where's part 2? waiting...........